Giving you the best of both worlds, this wide format scanner perfectly blends exceptional dpi image quality with rapid scanning for business efficiency. Spare parts are limited to existing stock and parts that are used in newer designs. Learn more about this product. Scanner Maintenance is very easy to perform and most of it is completely automatic. If your scanner is not working and you need help getting it running, you can contact us at:

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S and Canada after July 1, Contex grants a warranty for 24 months. In addition Contex offers on-site warranty coverage crgstal may be extended for up to a total of five years. Connector Cover for D For reprographic work, fast LED printers require fast monochrome scanning, while color printing is less demanding.

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Contex GT67D Crystal G Wide Format Document CCD Color Monochrome 42″ Scanner | eBay

Lets you view the scanner’s status through an icon on crystall system tray. Sign up to our newsletter Your Name: Sprayway Rubber Cleaner and Rejuvenator. Some parts may be used. Help Desk support crydtal also included for immediate answers to software and hardware questions, Monday-Friday 8: Parts, which are affected by normal wear and tear glass plates, white background plates, lamps, belts, rollersare not covered by any warranty.


Distributor invoiced at time of registration. Looking to turn your inkjet into a digital copier?

Crystal G600 (Model GT67D)

Third year coverage add on to two year standard warranty at time of scanner purchase. Availability can change without notice. Filter Kit, 92mm x 92mm.

This new scanner incorporates the 3C Auto-Maintenance system that keeps the cameras perfectly aligned, adjusted, and calibrated for optimal image quality.

Program that automates electronic mailing of scanned wide format image files. Request for an Online Quote. Care Kit For Many 42″ Scanners.

USB interface provides multi-functionality 90, pixels and 0.

Entry Paper Sensor Assembkly. One year onsite post warranty Use this option for cases where all warranty contracts have expired and the end-user desires to purchase a onsite warranty.

Contex Crystal G (Model GT67D) Large Format Scanners

Exit Paper Sensor Assembkly. Scanner Maintenance is very easy to perform and most of it is completely automatic. With this scanner there is a very grade of precision stability in the scanned image. The trademarks, logos, and service marks not owned on behalf of MicrofilmWorld.


Contains scanner drivers and a control interface to integrate your wide format scanner with Windows and your overall system. Brief History of Microfilm Microfilm or Scan? Adjustment Tools for Top Position Sensor. Copyright Paradigm Imaging Group. WIDEcapture imports images from the scanner into the Photoshop image editor. The 3C Auto-Maintenance system aligns and stitches the scsnner to a fraction of a pixel giving the highest wide format image precision available.

Low to Scsnner Price: Scan large format monochrome originals with heavy detail and print them out to any inkjet plotter without losing any details. Click the Micro-Image Capture icon above for info on these compact and affordable scanners! Internet prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.