In which case theres still hope through this driver. I couldnt get mine to work, but it picks up the network etc.. Has anyone had any luck making the A1 or A2 work on a mac? This is the reply I received this morning, watch out v. I only seem to get about 2 to 5 mins worth of web browsing before this happens in either Safari or IE.

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I have a g3 mhz iBook running Dlimk anyone is interested in the process, reply to this post with a request. A1 on the shelf.

Those kernel panics were a huge pain, but I went into Network Port Configurations and unticked the adaptor, and when I unplugged the adaptor there was dlimk multilingual death screen. Fixes problems when wrong admin password entered during uninstall. Or sent me the driver which dose work in your case. What steps did you go through?

D-Link DWL Download and Install | Mac

Has any one found usable driver for this product’s older brother, the DWL Flaming msc offending other users. With its USB extension cable included the DWL can be positioned virtually anywhere at a workstation to achieve the best available wireless signal reception – whether that workstation is in your office, on your deck or patio, by the pool, at the local coffee shop, or in an airport terminal while waiting to board your next flight.


You can connect to the base station, but no Internet!

It happened several times to the point I just returned the usb adapter. This was very much plug and play dsl me on my g4.

D-Link DWL-122 with Mac OS 9

Only catch being the user had to build the app. Should you require further assistance with your D-Link products, please reply to this message, or call toll free at To leave a comment, you need to be logged in.

Fixed problem with status icon Link Quality update. Apr 13, 2: Could it be something with the router that’s seeing the device but not letting it connect? Because I was testing the router and the device all on the same table. News from Macworld Lyft for Work challenges Uber for Business in the battle for corporate dollars Let the right one in: Adds reconnect to last network during startup.

I just bought mine too: Maf night, I discovered the fix.

DWL Driver download for Mac | MacUpdate

Mark Berkowitz Mark Berkowitz. Fixed problem with zeros displayed as blanks in WEP key entry. These require no drivers and work with any Ethernet device.


Without any WEP which is totally unsecureit worked I don’t know if anyone ever got this working, but I took the following steps to get this working under Leopard They have another model, the WGE that should work.

Go back to the Ddl Prefs Pane and save the profile so it connects on each reboot. TM backup via Ethernet. You’d probably have to have the antennas almost touching for this to happen, but there is a chance.

DWL-122 Driver

The Ralinktech drivers are for the B version. When you put two cards very close together, there’s a small chance that enough power could couple from the antenna of one when it’s transmitting to damage the receiver in the other. Or do you mean that we can damage an AirPort basestation by placing our PB too close to it? Install the proper driver as mentioned above.