In this case the bundle is similar, but it has a bonus – Gamepad. Now about the cooling systems. Consequently they are much better than the GT it’s actually the GTX card operating at reduced frequencies. The batch file is included. Company Of Heroes Test results:

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That’s one of the ways to cut down a High-End solution to make it cheaper. The secret to Foxconn’s incredibly quick success is that the company manufactures mainstream and inexpensive motherboards right alongside killer fast rigs your neighborhood overclocker would give his best optical mouse for. Consumers should be interested in something, or they will just choose familiar brands.

And our today’s cards are no different from the reference models. The bundle is excellent, as always. There is actually nothing to say: Installation and Drivers Testbed configuration: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

The gamepad is inside a special box, thoroughly packed. Although it has a little effect. Firstly, you should look through our reference materials on modern video cards and their GPUs.


NVIDIA GeForce GTS MB from ECS, Leadtek, Foxconn and Zotac

But it comes with a gamepad. Your salesman may make a mistake AMD hasn’t offered a worthy competitor to this card yet.

Video 3Digests Video cards: So you’d better install a good ventilation system inside your PC case. The bundle is over-modest. Serious Sam II 1.

Foxconn GeForce 8800 GTS (PCI-E, 640MB, 575MHz)

The design resembles devices from Arctic Cooling. So you might have safely considered this device as one of your choices for your PC. There is actually nothing to say: Some forum users even wrote that all black cards were defective, while green models were fully functional.

Yep, we are inclined to say it at first glance, because the card offers no interesting features. It stresses the target application of the accelerator: This solution has a number of advantages.

You won’t find it first glance. But on the whole, both cards get very hot during operation, their PCBs may even burn your fingers.


GeForce 8800 GTS

This company receives these cards and then sells them to its partners. I repeat that only the sticker on the box mentions increased frequencies. Even the slowest card operating at the nominal frequencies the GTS MB demonstrated good 88000gts, being outperformed only by the more expensive GX2.

Except for overclocked models, of course – they are already appearing on the market. Let’s 8800gfs that the situation will change for the better in the nearest future. So it’s very important to supply them with bug-free software as soon as possible. Our Excellent Package award is given to So here comes the main conclusion: It does not stand out in bundle and frequencies.