The driver is bundled. Otherwise, the server software to answer incoming calls etc. I has a look at it after reading your message. You said you replaced yours ” with a new one ” – where did you find one? Still a few things to try, but I’m less hopeful. The Psion web browser becomes much more fun with this kbit connection!

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Hmm, what version of MC are you using?

The installer says that, like the USA49WG installer, the driver included is compatible with many devices. If you have an external modem, the workaround is to connect your Usa28x directly to your modem via the Psion-PC serial cable that came with your Series 5 or 5mx, and a standard null-modem adaptor available from your local computer store.

Curious on something here.

I couldn’t find the link on usa-82x tripplite site but the link in your post above, and the driver it downloads, worked perfectly with a clean install of Please contact these sources with questions about their PC-based solutions.

Still a few things to try, but I’m less hopeful. Dec 17, 5: Removed option for USAdriverFolder choose driver only. Discover the magic of the Internet. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Tue, Apr 14 6: I can get usa-82x control to work for a while but after I shutdown and startup computer again it seems to lose it’s control?


Rakewell’s Z88 Computer Links|

Connect the Psion to your Mac with the serial cable. Sorry for missing that folder part earlier – or probably would have been good.

John Snelling John Snelling. Does Keyspan Serial Assistant report any errors? The only thing that I had problems with was the Uea-28x address: This did not work. There was no way to test whether my keyspan was working until I.

Some serial devices, including many serial printers, do not have drivers for Mac OS X and. Life newsletter, Issue 9. The test program was a Java application created with CodeWarrior 4.

Oh-never mind I see you are 3.

PsionARA: Internet Access for Psion Series 5mx Via Your Macintosh

Anyway, the update is available for free from Psion. However, your profile shows you are running a PC. Updated address information, added Mac OS X section. I just uza-28x to OSX. This program is available on request, see below for address.


Everything seems to be working now after uninstalling and reinstalling 2. I can run the installer successfully but only if I do not install the folder. Posted on Oct 8, It may install without you having to resort to the custom install that Oa tried if you install before upgrading to El Capitan.

Keyspan Usa-28x B Adapter Mac Twin Serial USB Converter With 2 Cables

SEUSBSERDB9 The information below is intended to try and lend some clarity to this often confusing subject, and show some selected testing of the various models of Keyspan adapters with different software products. For warranty information about this.

There seem to be multiple versions of the adapter, with slightly different model numbers, and it could be that some of them will only work to 56, ps.